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Rise Higher With Shine of Your Hair and Get Hair Straightening in Liverpool From Salon De African Pride

Your Hair Deserve More than You Give

Want to change your old, repeated curly hair look? Do you want to purge your dull and dry hair without compromising the length of original hair? Looking for assistance to manage your disorderly curls? You can surely gain this sleeker, smoother and more manageable look by trusting a faithful service that is none other than Salon De African Pride. Our treatment of Hair Straightening in Liverpool gives maximum volume to your hair because we know that your hair is your identity and we do not leave any gap to embellish your identity and style.

Why Choose Us

Coping with rough and curly locks in heat and humidity is a tough task. For no regret service you need hair specialists because we know that you will never want to experiment on your asset, your hair! So don’t need to get worried anymore we at Salon De African Pride offer the solution of your every problem regarding your hair from dreadlock to braiding and from extensions to flawless hair straightening. Our fun-loving, creative, and expert hairstylists do with your hair as it's their own. We are happily able to provide both permanent as well as a semi-permanent approaches to your dull and damaged hair.

We Offer Perfect Methods

For your dry or otherwise curly hair, we deliver two straightening methods; anti-freeze system, amazing Brazilian blow dry to enhance the volume from roots to tips. With these astonishing systems, you can get silkier, smother and easily manageable look for all the time.

Our Products are Harmless

The chemicals we use for your hair treatment are non-toxic means 100% organic. You can trust us with closed eyes as we give an eye-sparkling breakthrough to your entire personality.

We are Fair and Reliable

One more reason why choose Salon De African Pride is that unlike other local brands we don’t play with prices and your hair. We worth your love for your hair and our hairstylists do the job of Hair Straightening in Liverpool with respect and dedication at the most competitive rates. We repair and restore the shine and silk of your hair with 100% satisfaction.

How Do We Do It

From washing your hair to stretching by chemical, from sectioning your hair to applying straightening solution and from rinsing off to blow-drying of your hair all is done at our Salon in fun full, lively, and trustable environment. Moreover, our Brazilian blow dry method removes unwanted frizz and adds super softness to your curly locks. Our hair treatment also ensures ultimate protection of your hair from humid, high temperature, sweat, and rain.

We Make it Super Easy for You Each Time

The Keratin treatment (protein, amino acids, and oils) we use at our salon reconditions your hair and increase shine at the same time. Brazilian blow dry makes it fast and as simple as a, b, c to style your hair every time for any occasion. So you inspire others with your creativity and styling.

Give us a Line to Spark a Shine into your Hair

No matter the length and colour of hair we extend your hair naturally and beautifully you never expect. So call us at: 02 9517 1251 or feel free to ask any query about our services by emailing at: Have a happy hair day!