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Make Print Ready

Print Ready File: PDF

1. It should have Bleed

2. It should have trim marks

3. All Fonts converted to outline (Embedded)

4. All colours converted to CMYK not unless you want it to be Spot (PMS colour)

5. Correct size supplied

6. Correct fold panels (Tri Fold: 100mm, 100mm, 99mm)

If you do not understand, please call us

Check Artwork and Make Print Ready

Unless your artwork has been prepared as a print ready artwork by a Professional Graphic Designer, we recommend that you select this option to ensure artwork will print as expected.

Check My Artwork and Make Print Ready

For a small cost, we can check your supplied artwork and make print ready (if we can)

What we will do:

We will ensure that your artwork is correctly prepared for commercial printing. This includes:

·  If your artwork is the wrong size, and if your artwork allows us to do so, we will re-size your artwork to the correct size.

·  If your artwork has no bleed, or incorrect bleed, where possible we will amend the bleed (internal and external) to be correct.

·  If your artwork is supplied in the wrong colour space, we will convert it to CMYK.

·  If there are missing fonts in your artwork, we will substitute any missing fonts with similar fonts.

·  We will insert printer’s trim marks on the artwork.

·  It is your responsibility to spell check all supplied text and all soft PDF proofs.  We will not spell check your artwork, and we cannot be held responsible for spelling mistakes or misalignment of text due to artwork being on a fold or in a die-cut or hole drilled area, not being prepared correctly or creep not being allowed for, in your final printing.

We will then create a soft PDF proof for your approval.